Moralized Bible

Moralized Bible

Cod. 2554

Vienna, Austrian National Library

Limited Edition: 200 copies

  • XIII Century, cc. 131
  • Dimensions 344×260 mm
  • 131 carte
  • Stampa fine art
  • Applicazione dell’oro in lamina
  • Carta pergamena trattata a mano
  • Incassatura su carta antica
  • Cucitura artigianale su corde
  • Legatura in velluto con cantonali dorati
  • Taglio in oro


The Moralized Bible is the most important example of an illuminated bible in the Middle Ages, a very rare type of commentary on the Old and New Testaments, later called Biblia Pauperum.

Only seven specimens have come down to us, all dated between the 13th and 14th centuries.

Code 2554 preserved in the Austrian National Library, is one of the oldest and most sumptuous examples of Moralized Bible we received.

The Bible consists of 131 pages in parchment (260 x 344 mm) all magnificently illuminated to full page for a total of 1032 miniatures.

The commission was given by the French royal house in the first half of the 13th century.

The manuscript later came into the hands of Prince Eugene of Savoy. In 1738 it was bought by the Emperor Charles VI.

In 1809 the manuscript was brought to Paris and starting from 1914 it was back in the Austrian National Library where it still is.