Armenian Bible

Bologna, University Library New Testament, Gospels in armenian Century XVI, cc. 307 Dimensions 116×85 mm
Text on two columns in Bolorgir type, Armenian miniature. Binding in silver with turn-ups and ribbons of metal mesh, anchored on the back plate according to oriental use, provided with a rosette-shaped tip, Greek cross in the center of the plates. The codex, which belongs to the category of small-format gospels, according to a hand-written note of the first sheet, was written in 1614 in Edessa (Mesopotamia) and donated by the patriarch of Cecilia of the Armenians to Benedetto XIV in 1743. As far as dating is concerned, however, scholars are inclined, on the basis of stylistic criteria, to lower it to the sixteenth century. This codex has the extraordinary value of a very rich ornamentation executed according to the dictates of the Armenian miniature school, consisting of 26 full-page miniatures. It is listed among the most important Bibles of Europe.