Facsimile reproduction of ancient texts.
Handicraft care, historical research, manual realization, advanced technology.
Bound by hand
We use the same techniques of the ancient times and 100% natural materials
Pure Gold
Very fine gold sheets are one by one applied by hand

About Us

Imago is an Italian publisher that stands out, even on the international level, for its high-level of specialization which has been gained through the modern-day return of the great book and manuscript. This specialization has allowed the company to distinguish itself among scholars and enthusiasts of the sector, also at an international level.

Our Job

We are an excellence in facsimile reproduction of the most sumptuous codes of the past, with the wise and exclusive use of alchemy between the ancient art of miniature and the most modern technology. The “Opere” section offers a clear idea of our achievements.

Only Limited Editions

Our works are produced in strictly limited editions, through unique and certified numbering.
This feature contributes to considerably increasing the value of the work itself.


We define ourselves as a Renaissance Workshop”, specialized in the faithful reproduction of ancient manuscripts. We take care of the entire production process in-house, combining technology with craftsmanship, from digitizing the manuscript to hand-binding.

We want to become the world reference in facsimile reproduction and its dissemination, through information events in the most important world cultural realities.


To be recognized throughout the world as reference points for the dissemination and protection of the manuscript book heritage , through facsimile reproduction of the precious illuminated manuscripts, preserved in the most prestigious libraries of the world. This will allow to offer the possibility to collectors, scholars and institutions from all over the world, to be able to own limited edition reproductions of facsimiles of ancient manuscripts that otherwise could not even be viewed, browsed or purchased, kept in the library vaults.

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How we make the works

Photo Shooting

Very high definition image acquisition, with instrumentation specially designed by us, which
guarantees the maximum protection of the original manuscript, without forcing the binding,
eliminating the possibility of having to dismember it.


Thanks to the latest and most sophisticated color management, high precision is obtained on the reproduction of the original color range. This allows to overcome the traditional
 methods, in which the use of multiple steps limits the final result.


Special natural papers are used that guarantee the same visual sensation of the parchment, while maintaining vivid contrasts and colors. Subsequently, the use of the stochastic screen allows obtaining an exceptional detail rendering.


The handmade leather binding  faithfully reproduces that used in the 17th and 18th centuries. We use natural materials, such as grain leather with natural tanning, while sewing is done by hand on strings and embedding on artistic paper.